Dear Partners,

We would like to inform that Respol Resinas is fully operational.

However, and with the perfect awareness that the situation demands, it is of major importance that we all make our responsible contribution in order to mitigate the outbreak of Covid-19.

In that sense, we have implemented several measures, in line with the national and international contingency plan and with the public health organizations recommendations, as follows:

     - All Respol events have been suspended;

     - All international business travels were postponed;

     - All employees must inform the HR Department of any international trip of personal nature made in the          last 14 days or planned within next weeks;

     - All meetings with external personnel to the company were cancelled and replaced by video or                            conference calls;

     - Entrance in the premises is only allowed to our employees. The exceptions are reduced to                                    external personnel such as suppliers of goods and urgent services as well as truck drivers deemed to              comply with the instructions towards the proper infection control regulations.

        If there is any suspicious case,it will be properly conducted to the health authorities and it will be                    placed in an isolated area.

For the moment:


     - All employees are familiar with preventive measures, hygiene cares as well as the necessary actions in            order to reduce the risks. They have all received the main guidelines trough the company doctor;

     - A period of isolation of 14 days will be taken into action for all of those with suspect symptoms and/or           with contact with anyone from risk areas.

It is time to act and behave wisely within the scoop of our new social paradigm, thus Respol wants to assure that all the necessary measures are being take care of  and that we continue to operate, asusual.